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Thought-provoking Articles And Columns To Address Every Part Of Ministry Life.
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Gearing up the Church Leaders of Tomorrow

The Ministry Today Magazine is a publication that is available both in print and online. It is geared toward upcoming leaders within the church by empowering them with the right tools needed for a Spirit-led ministry. Ministry Today publication has been in existence for more than 25 years and is highly touted as a great publication for Christian leaders. Ministry Today was first published in 1983 by its founder, Stephen Strang, a Charisma movement leader, a publisher, an award winning journalist, entrepreneur, businessman and author.

Ministry Today Magazine was originally created to help, inform, and to encourage new pastors and senior pastors within the Pentecostal/charismatic movement. Today, this helpful religious magazine has expanded its readership to include church leaders from various parts of the church and from any denomination. The mission of Ministry Today magazine is to help those serving their congregation with pastorial tools that will more than empower men and women pastor's for the vision that God has placed within them.

As a bi-monthly print magazine and a daily online publication, Ministry Today magazine not only keeps Christian leaders informed on various subject matters, it also keeps them connected to fellow pastors, to a movement, to ministries and to like-minded companies that can help them receive more insight, through the experience of others who are also struggling to keep God relevant in modern society. Its articles contain resources that are categorized for and covers areas, including: children; men; relationships; college; money; seniors; counseling; multi-ethnic ministry; singles; couples; multicultural worship; social media; deliverance; parenting; special needs; family life; personal finance; teens; legacy; prayer; women; marketplace; worship; married; recreation; and youth.

Ministry Today magazine contains resources that can help leaders to meet challenging obstacles and to improve their ministry effectiveness. Its publication is also a how-to publication on hearing the Holy Spirit more and in providing the basic nuts and bolts of improving a Spirit-led ministry. Guest contributing writers that are well known in their ministry field, as well as invited writers, submit articles on various subjects that include: Amid Christian Persecution in the Middle East; Focus on Ending Persecution of Christians Worldwide; Using Humor In Sermons; When Things Don't Go As Planned; Modern Day Resurrections – Are They Real; and Navigating Same Sex Ministry In An Age of Gay Marriage.

Pastorial topics from A to Z are covered in Ministry Today magazine, which are in-depth and helpful to encouraging Pastors in their daily leadership lives. Famous leaders regularly submit articles, including Senate Chaplain – Barry Black; Rick Warren; World Faith Movement leader – Fred Price; Rod Parsley; and the #1 Youth Group Leader – Jeanne Mayo. Ministry Today magazine is published in different languages and is available as one of the many discount magazine subscriptions for a lot less than its regular subscription price.

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