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Jam-packed With Restoration And Performance How-tos, Comparisons Of Today's Modern Muscle Against The Legends Of The Past, Plus The Finest Featured Examples For The Most Passionate Muscle Car Enthusiasts And Builders.
Focused On Hot Detroit Iron.

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Road Runner

If you are into the 60s and 70s muscle cars, then Muscle Car Review is one o the discount subscription magazines you should look into. There are always great articles that cover the different models and makes of each muscle car. The periodical also has a tutorial on the features and styles in the case you want to go into any project. This magazine is enjoyable for people who have restored cars as a hobby for years as well as those who are just getting started. Subscribe today for Muscle Car Review!


You want a magazine that stands head and shoulders above its competition. Muscle Car Review is that magazine. For one thing, it is focused on original muscle cars. In this publication, you will get tons of information about restoration and maintenance of the muscle cars that came from 1960 through the 70s. There is no other magazine that can claim to be so focused. Every issue of this magazine has historical information as well as news of current events as it relates to your hobby. You as well as the car you are working on will benefit greatly from the large amount of tutorials present in this magazine.

History and Features

When you get a discount subscription to Muscle Car Review, you will find that every issue has articles that go into the history of the beloved cars and also shows you some of the restored cars that have been brought to its original brilliance, maybe even surpasses. This is the most jam-packed magazine of restored cars that you will come across. These articles about the history of your vehicles are highly enjoyable. You will also find information about drag strips, their development and their history. This magazine deals with racers of Trans-Am, and even goes into coverage of NASCAR.

Travel and Shows

You won’t be able to find another auto magazine with the amount of coverage that goes into detail about everything muscle car related throughout the country as Muscle Car Review. This subscription will satisfy you whether you want to see an event or just look at coverage. All of the hottest shows are available for you to learn about and even go to. You even have the chance to enter your vehicle in one o the shows. Everything you could ever desire for your favorite pass time could be found in this publication.

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