New Moon Girls

For 8-14 Year Old Girls. New Moon Is The Beautiful, International Magazine That Girls, Adults And Families Love!

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

If you have a daughter aged 8 to 14, get discount magazine subscriptions to New Moon Girls magazine. This great publication gives girls the opportunity to support each other and connect through art, stories, videos and poetry. Every issue is put together by girls just like your daughter so she can enjoy learning and reading in the company of like-minded girls. Introduce your daughter to the safe and fun world of New Moon Girls magazine today!


New Moon Girls magazine has been created with the belief that all young women should be able to enjoy expressing themselves in an advertisement-free environment. Winner of the Parent's Choice Foundation Award no less than seven times, this periodical helps girls to learn and improve their well-being. Let your daughter discover her own voice and learn about the world around her in the safe and nurturing environment of New Moon Girls magazine.

Editorial Team

New Moon Girls is totally different from other young girls' magazines. 90% of the content has been created by girls in the eight to fourteen age bracket, with girls submitting their own stories, articles and features to the editors based on a given theme. Your daughter will love perusing each edition, packed full of stories, illustrations and features, and she may even be inspired to submit her own work!


Although every issue of New Moon Girls has a specific theme, there are regular features that appear in every edition. Help your daughter through the process of her changing body and emotions through the regular "Body Language" feature. Help her to learn about the world of work with the "Women's Work" articles that appear in every issue. Your daughter will be able to read inspiring interviews with successful women in the workplace which will help to broaden her employment horizons as she grows up. Your daughter will love all the exciting features that New Moon Girls magazine has to offer.

Take out discount magazine subscriptions to New Moon Girls magazine today and help your daughter to discover herself.