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All Things Dog And Modern. Health, Training And Fun For K-9 And Their Companions.

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Dogs are Family

Modern Dog is the must-have magazine for any true dog lover, with each edition packed full of informative and fun articles on how to care for your beloved pooch. The range of content really is quite something -every month this information packed publication will feature pieces ranging from the serious (wellbeing, feeds, exercise and breeds) to fun (training, teaching tricks etc.). Modern Dog is a great magazine to subscribe to because with the help of these articles you will always be able to keep your pet learning, developing and certainly never becoming bored! Check out a discount subscription to Modern Dog magazine today.

Food & Wellbeing

A well fed and stimulated dog is a happy dog, and every month Modern Dog will provide numerous articles covering every aspect of caring for your canine. Ever wondered what kind of herbs are good for dogs, or what to do if your pet becomes poorly with a troubling ailment such as a urinary tract infection? Well rest assured as the expert writers for this publication will explain all in straightforward English. There are focused reviews upon the nutrition that dogs of all breed, size and age need to stay healthy and articles focused upon the most appropriate diet that they ought to enjoy. 

Dog Lifestyle & Breed Information

Just like their masters dogs all have their own personality, and Modern Dog magazine strives to inform their readers of what each breed will expect not just in terms of feeding but also aspects such as exercise, sociability and ease to handle. Much of this information is provided by the actual readership who contribute their own experiences of their relationship with their own pet - after all there's no better source than those who have been there before. These feature not just fascinating rare breeds but also informative knowledge and advice on how to care for those you see day to day.


As an important part in your relationship with your pet, Modern Dog places plenty of emphasis upon ensuring you are informed and up to date with the latest and most effective training techniques. This advice ranges from early development and socialization all the way through to obedience and trick training. There's plenty of excellent tips on how to break naughty habits as well as how to praise good behavior too. 

You can't do wrong by checking out a discounted magazine subscription to Modern Dog magazine - and you can be sure that both you and your dog will love it!