The Leading Social And Political Commentary Magazine From A Libertarian Perspective; A Refreshing Alternative To Washington Based Opinions

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Politics in Perspective

There's no better place to reacquaint yourself with libertarian thought than Reason magazine. Mailed out monthly in countless discount magazine subscriptions, it's the periodical to go to for a rational perspective on society, laws, politicians, and the major and minor political races that matter.

Many other important points are also touched on by articles in any given issue of the magazine, all of them approaching the problem from the heart of libertarian philosophy and thus ensuring a clear and reasoned solution or range of solutions.


All over the world, libertarian principles are challenged or already dismissed, but the steady march of progress continues nonetheless, against oversized governments, unjust laws, and in some parts of the world, against terrorist activity. Reason keeps you up to date on the situation as it stands worldwide and makes sure each time to bring home exactly what it means for you.


Lawmakers, lobbyists, law enforcement, all have a vested interest in their own advantage when they pass or interpret laws. While this impulse is natural, it's important not to let the results complicate things for you - so instead, use Reason to check on the real implications of their activities, so you know ahead of time who to support for what and how best to deal with the new status quo as it develops. It's clear that this is one of the biggest reasons so many of the magazine's readers repeatedly renew their discount magazine subscriptions rather than let them lapse.


Beyond the topic of law, there are the individuals bound by it into societies, and the societies those individuals choose to form. The people and how they're affected is the key to an effective libertarian's understanding of the world and how to act within it, and this is another area where Reason magazine really shines, delivering the insights and tools you need to supplement your own philosophy.

In all these ways, Reason is the premier periodical for libertarians everywhere. Can you afford to be without it?