Dell Official Word Search Puzzles

Fantastic Solving Fun! Look For 107 Puzzles On Lots Of Different Subjects. Some Regular Puzzles Includes Angle- Search, Full House, Jackpot And Cinema Classic, Film Favorite And Modern Movies.

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Finding the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Word Search magazine is a bi-monthly booklet of 107 word search puzzles. These puzzles are great for all ages! Whether nostalgia is your reason for subscribing or the desire to share with your children and grandchildren the puzzles you love is, they are sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment! The discounted subscription just one of many great reasons you should subscribe today.

Word Search magazine makes boredom disappear. Since it is a small booklet, it can be easily tucked into a purse or backpack, making it a great traveling companion! Waiting in the doctor's office or for the bus to arrive has never been so much fun. Rainy camping days will pass quickly with Word Search magazine. Getting the whole family together to work on these puzzles makes family game night even better, since it encourages cooperation, not competition.

During the hours of fun, you won't even notice the workout your brain is getting (and neither will the kids)! Doing just one puzzle a day is enough to help keep your mind and memory sharp, and the benefits don't stop there. It's unlikely you'll want to stop at just one, though, so why wait to start giving your mind the exercise it wants? The leisurely hours spent completing the puzzles in Word Search magazine won't feel strenuous at all; a relaxing workout is a dream come true! The puzzles increase in difficulty, so your skills sharpen as you progress through the booklet.

If giving your mind a workout or getting rid of boredom are not your goals, Word Search magazines are still right for you. They are for simple entertainment as well. The sense of accomplishment gained from completing a puzzle could help relieve the stress of the day. Since the difficulty level increases, the challenge of completing puzzles keeps you engaged and from getting tired of solving them. If they get too difficult, there are always helpful solutions in the back of the book.

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