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For People Who Are Interested In The Bible And The Archaeology Of Biblical Times..

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What Is Biblical Archaeology Review All About?

Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine is a periodical that is all about the connections that do exist between archaeological findings and the teachings and writings that do belong to the Bible. With each and every issue, the reader will be able to informative and interesting articles, and these articles will be about various topics from sites to artifacts to people to cultures to beyond. There is also lots of news and numerous other subjects. The reader will definitely adore reading through this periodical every time it comes in the mail. You can order your discount subscription to Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine today!

Places, Sites, Artifacts, and Many Delights

Every issue of Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine is jam packed with lots of many great features. The focus of these great features are all about many locations that are being studied up close by archaeologists. These locations do have a strong connection to the history of the Bible. Readers will definitely enjoy and become totally fascinated with the recently recovered artifacts and the Bible. Some of the interesting topics for discovery do include the Dead Sea Scrolls and inscriptions, in addition to, lots of other topics. There are tons of ancient artifacts and sites that you will love reading about with your discount subscription to this fine magazine.

If You Appreciate Ancient Cultures and Peoples

You will not only learn about ancient artifacts and sites. But you will also come up close and personal with the latest of archaeological findings that has to do with cultures and people that are written about in the Bible itself. In each and every issue of Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine, there will be features about ancient Israel, the life and practices of Biblical figures, and Jesus. There is also lots of other interesting subjects too. There is a big collection of topics that are featured each and every time the magazine is published. These topics featured in each issue will be something that will make you enjoy reading. 

Lot of Events And News

Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine gives the reader lots of information about numerous events. These numerous events are something which a person can attend, as well as, be able to get the very latest of all archaeological news. There are many digs that are going on in the ancient world. The reader will have full access to all of these digs that do reveal the very latest of all data concerning digs. The reader will also be able to view photos of excavations from all across the world. There is also articles that help a person find a form of educational vacation, tour, or trip. 

Please do order your discount Biblical Archaeology Review magazine subscription today. You will get more and more with this magazine subscription.