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Because Faith Matters

For seventy five years and more, Catholic Digest has been the premier periodical for those wanting to keep up to date with matters of faith, inspiring tales of hope, and the like. Articles discuss Catholicism as a spiritual practice and lifestyle as well as offering insight into ecumenical news and the history of the faith and its associated writings. With over seven decades of consistent, proven quality and insight in its track record, it's probably no surprise that the rate of renewal on discount magazine subscriptions has been and remains high.

Faith and Good Works

The traditions of the Church are many and varied, and every single one of them has reflected within it valuable lessons and ideas for those of the faith. Articles on everything from the meanings and symbolism of the different parts of the Catholic calendar, the hierarchy of saints and their lives, and the development of the different orders within the Mother Church are at the heart of what Catholic Digest offers its readers as well as being deep in the heart of the spiritual development of the faithful.

With discussion also about the good works that Catholics are expected to perform and even suggestions for forms of these that might well never have occurred to you without that advice and discussion, the content can even help the reader and their family be better Catholics.

Family, People, And Well-Being

Far from being only a faith, Catholicism is a community, one which spans the world and links today's faithful with those from throughout past centuries. Catholic Digest, naturally, recognizes this, offering the reader tools to better incorporate their lives into that community, and that community into their lives, granting new strengths and insights as required. Relationship and marriage advice as well as other family matters are frequent topics, and all the advice ties together into a unified and useful whole.

Discount magazine subscriptions to Catholic Digest are always available and are easily the best way to strengthen your faith and understand.