African American Golfer's Digest

The African American Golfer's Digest Is A National, Quarterly Lifestyle Magazine With Content Specifically Focused On Informing And Entertaining Black Golfers.

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Take Control of Your Tee Shots!

The African American Golfer’s Digest is a leading publication which focuses on the most current and relevant topics that appeal to golfers. Learn how to utilize the best methods and tricks of the trade in order to improve your swing and overall golf experience. With this discount magazine subscription, African American golfers will enjoy this cutting-edge, golfing resource.

Whether events, equipment, or expert reviews of the best courses are your forte, The African American Golfer’s Digest has it all. Designed to meet even the savviest needs, everyone will benefit from the industry exclusives and niche topics. Enjoy topics ranging from the best tournaments, cruises, fundraisers, and lifestyle, as this magazine provides the most private access to all of your golfing essentials. Explore the leading courses as well as national and international travel destinations. Savor the critiques and reviews by the most prolific golfers in the industry, as you perfect your craft and enjoy the most coveted news with these industry exclusives.

Benefit from select interviews with trainers, celebrities and other professionals of the trade as the African American experience is celebrated in the world of golf. Your discount magazine subscription will include the most brilliant images of fantasy courses that you can make a reality. With this special access, you will be immersed in the sport and lifestyle that so many enjoy.

Order today to allow these tips to take you on a premier game experience. Readers will be taken on exclusive journeys in order to facilitate their best game, all while promoting the best in lifestyle. Health, fashion, travel and reviews are only the beginning of what is in store with your subscription. Relish in the passion that is the African American golfer as a new world full of destinations and prestige is laid out before you. Deserving only the best in golfing essentials, African American Golfer’s Digest exemplifies the very best in taste and culture.