Alpinist Magazine Is An Archival-quality Publication Dedicated To The World Of Adventure Climbing. Celebrating Mountaineering And The Climbing Life, The Pages Of Alpinist Magazine Capture The Art Of Ascent In Its Most Powerful Manifestations With Detailed

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Mountains to Climb

Alpinist is about the individual’s passion of adventure climbing. It features in depth documentaries that take you to the unimaginable length and height that mountain climbers are able to conquer. This quarterly magazine is designed to help mountaineers be well equipped as they begin their ascent to the greatest mountains of the world. It’s a great magazine for all mountain enthusiasts as well as to those who wants to take their mountaineering skills to the maximum level. 

Mountaineering Techniques and Styles

This magazine specializes in the survival techniques and styles of mountaineering. It also covers the hazards that one may face during the expedition. It put a spotlight on each mountaineer’s personal experiences, thus giving the readers a detailed first-hand account. A magazine like no other because it takes the readers through the journey of adventure, overcoming obstacles, facing fears and above all a belief that life has limitless possibilities if one puts his all heart, might and mind to it.

A cherry on top of an Alp

Each issue of the magazine includes a unique inside scope of different well known climbers of the world, one of which is Beth Rodden. She’s the youngest American rock climber and one of the best in her field. A full story of her beginnings, rock climbing career and hostage encounter as recounted by her is thoroughly written in this publication.  Her story and among others are something we can look forward to. Plus! Amazing images of Alps and mountain ranges tops up this great magazine.

A Definitely Must Have

This magazine is very engaging. It feels like watching a combined action and sci-fi movie that will keep you locked in your seat and craving for more. A definitely must have magazine for all who desire to make mountaineering a sport or a recreation.


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