Beckett Hockey

Covers The Most Celebrated Stars On The Ice With Insightful Articles And Fantastic Action.

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Live Hockey. Love Victory.

Are you a trading card collector? Do you love the NHL? Then you already know you're far from alone, but did you also know that there's a fantastic magazine that caters to your interests, Beckett Hockey magazine? It's well worth a look, keeping you up to date with collecting trends and the ever-changing question of the hottest cards on the market.

Keeping you abreast of the current lines as well as offering you exciting previews of upcoming new product, every issue of Beckett Hockey is a must-own for any collector, and anyone who's even halfway serious about their collection will want to make sure they always have a new issue on the way in. Discount magazine subscriptions sell like hotcakes, and are just as desirable.

The Hot List

One of the features for which each issue of Beckett Hockey is best known and most sought after is the Hot List, a constantly updated list of the twenty MVCs (Most Valuable Cards) on the market. It tells you what and why, giving you the jump on anyone who doesn't subscribe when it comes to expanding your collection or being able to make the right choice if it might be time to part with one or two of your cards.

A growing collection of Hot Lists may help you see what's going to become the new hotness ahead of time, especially if you're dedicated to the hobby and give it the attention it deserves.

The Extended List

A magazine for card traders that only carried data on the top twenty wouldn't be much use, and of course as well as the detailed feature, Beckett Hockey will keep you up to date on the trading cards in circulation, their rarity, and how much they're currently trading for, giving the savvy trader a better chance to invest sensibly.

Beckett Hockey is a must-have for any collector, and discount magazine subscriptions are the best way for those collectors to ensure they get them.