Beckett Sports Card Monthly

Offers Collectorsinformation And Pricing For A Variety Of Sports Cards And Collectibles.

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Collector's Treasures

Whatever trading cards you collect, you'll find some useful tips in your quest from Beckett Sports Card Monthly. Sought after by those for whom the collections are more important than the individual sport, it's also a useful information source even if you limit yourself just to football, baseball, or hockey. Keeping up with the hobby is a brilliant way to improve your enjoyment throughout, and discount magazine subscriptions are as prevalent as they are for just that reason.

Trading cards for sports are an American institution, of course, and while the cards have improved over the years, the basic idea hasn't changed. Traditions remain strong, and some of the most eager hobbyists get their own showcase in Beckett Sports Card Monthly.

The Hot List

Every issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly takes a long look at the most valuable cards on the market today in a much-loved feature referred to as The Hot List.

The top twenty cards in any given month make it onto this feature, with some discussion of why and how they've made it as well as the cards themselves. A steady collector of Beckett Sports Card Monthly will swiftly pick up all the detail they need to be able to track and predict movement in and out of the Hot List, allowing them to get a march on the market.

Trading Lists

It's no good getting a trading card magazine that only talks about twenty cards an issue, though, and a regularly updating price guide to the major cards in every range appears in each issue. You want to make sure your information is up to the minute, so you can make the trades and purchases you want at the best rate.

Beckett Sports Card Monthly is a regular must-read for anyone who loves this hobby. Discount magazine subscriptions to it sell in their thousands.