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Deer & Deer Hunting Is Written For Serious, Year-round Whitetail Hunting Enthusiasts. Each Issue Focuses On Hunting Techniques, Deer Behavior, Deer Management The Natural History Of Deer And Hunting Ethics.

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Having been founded by Jack Brauer and al Hofacker in 1977, Deer & Deer magazine is a by-product of the Stump sitters whitetail study group. The founders were not only from the upper Midwest but also ultra-serious whitetail hunters. Editorial integrity and quality is what has built this magazine’s reputation.


No one has been able to imitate this publication has it covers unique topics about deer hunting techniques. Consequently, it offers practical and wide information about white-tailed deer. From rut predictions to deer behavior, every issue of Deer & Deer magazine brings you all the details you need to know about anything deer related.


Expert Hunting Tips, Techniques and Strategies


If you want to become a better hunter by perfecting your hunting skills, this is the best magazine for you. From newbies to veteran buck hunters, each issue of this magazine has something for everyone. Be sure of more success in your hunting sessions after reading this entrancing publication


Special Big-Buck Hunting Sections


These sections provide you with extensive information about how to clasp big bucks and stories of hunters who have managed to trap the big bucks and the tips and techniques they use. Guidelines and procedures on being a big-buck hunter have thus been completely simplified in these sections.


First-Hand Reports of Extraordinary Hunts


For extraordinary hunts you need to pick your landmarks and the proper hunting tools. Additionally it includes complicated shooting lanes. All the first-hand facts of extraordinary hunts are made available in this magazine to help you smoothly sail through.


Deer management Insight and Reports


Deer management can be confusing and at the same time thrilling and worthwhile. This magazine gives you clear facts that have been thoroughly delved, to help you improve any deer herd and their habitat.


D& DH not also produces magazines but also produces trailblazing educational media, software programs and numerous books. The top-rated Deer & Deer hunting TV show on NBC sports was spawned by the magazine’s success.