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Equestrian Lifestyle

Anyone who owns horses or trains them will enjoy reading Equus magazine. Each issue contains articles about a variety of equine topics. Your subscription will give you useful knowledge that will be of benefit to you and all of your horses. The featured articles will give you information about how horses behave and why, tips on riding, what to do if your horse goes lame, and common illnesses that could affect your horse. It also gives you information about how to best manage horses and on different training facilities. These are a few of the reasons why you should order your subscription on discount for Equus today.

Riding and horse behaviors

You'll find a variety of helpful articles on how to train your horse the right ways regardless of any behavioral problems that it may be having. It doesn't matter if you are new at horsemanship or if you are advanced in equine knowledge and have had years of experience as an equine breeder, trainer or rider. Each new issue of Equus magazine has articles that go in depth about different topics on horse behavior, tips for training and riding that will help you to form an even closer and better bond with your horse.

Lameness and equine diseases

Equine magazine not only tackles issues of behavioral problems and better riding techniques, it also addresses the variety of different diseases and causes of lameness that can affect your horse. The articles discuss how to best treat the condition of lameness. While you will get a lot of expert knowledge from reading Equus magazine, your horse will benefit even more because of the better care you will be able to give it after you start your subscription. You'll also read about how to diagnose your horse, the different medications that are recommended for specific conditions, and how to make your horse more comfortable regardless of which condition you are treating.

Equine management

Equine magazine gives you the information that you need for the best practices in horse management. You'll find articles about nutrition, hoof care, conditioning, parasite control, care for senior horses, first aid, breeding and grooming. You'll be entertained as well as informed when you read through the different information packed articles that you'll find in the pages of this magazine.

Place your order for Equus magazine today, to start taking the best possible care of your horses!