Horse And Rider

A Complete Guide On All Aspects Of Horse Care. Each Issue Features Articles On Breeding, Western Riding, Training, Horsemanship And Many Other Topics In The World Of Horses And Riding.

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For the Love of Horses

If you love horses then you'll love this magazine too. It is full of wonderful information for people who work with horses or for people who keep horses for pleasure. The articles published have helpful information from professionals who know what they are talking about. Horse and Rider magazine contains advice columns and loads of information on training and caring for your horse.

Choosing to subscribe to Horse and Rider means you will get your copy sent to your door and will not have to worry about missing out on the magazine because your newsagent did not order it or it has sold out. Subscribing to Horse and Rider will also save you a significant amount of money. So why wait? Order your very own subscription today.


You will find many articles about training your horse in Horse and Rider. This information will benefit you and your horse and you will find your skills and the effectiveness of training your horse will improve. Some of the topics that Horse and Rider includes are: horsemanship, showmanship, trail riding, pleasure riding, western riding, reining (which is a western riding activity) and groundwork. The training articles that are published in Horse and Rider very easy to follow and you will enjoy the activities the articles include.


In Horse and Rider you will find tonnes of information about your horse's health. Many health issues regarding your horse are included in every issue. You will learn about how to apply basic first aid, what sort of foods to feed your horse and certain behaviors to look out for. Common health issues such as worming and caring for your horse's feet and when you should call a vet. Vaccinations that your horse needs are also covered in Horse and Rider.


You will have access to advice about any issue regarding your horse in Horse and Rider from experts in the horse industry. The advice you gain from this magazine will give you confidence and help you learn more, therefore improving your knowledge and horsemanship skills. You will also find information on new horse products that are available and also advice on products that you might need in order to solve any problems you are having with your horse. Horse and Rider is a fun magazine and absolutely full of ideas and practical information.

Many people who own horses subscribe to Horse and Rider, even the most competent professional will find something of interest within this magazine. People who work with horses everyday will tell you that they have been reading Horse and Rider for a long time. It is one of the best magazines out there for horse enthusiasts and comes highly recommended.

Improve your horsemanship skills and gain valuable insight with a Horse and Rider subscription today!