Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Modern Music, Alternative Activities. Target Age: 13 To College Age.

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Break the Rules, Find your Freedom, Live your Life

Thrasher magazine is one of the best skateboarding publications on the market. Each issue is jammed packed with information about the world of skateboarding. You will get lively and relevant articles on skateboarding gear, apparel and about the latest boards that are hitting the market today.

Subscribers will also receive interviews from pros and amateurs, reviews on the latest skateboarding equipment and information about skateboarding competitions. Thrasher sometimes even throws in articles on skateboarding tips and tricks for skaters to master.

Gear and Apparel

Being a top notch skateboarder with the right type of moves is very important for people who are involved in this lifestyle. However, skateboarders should also look the part. Thrasher magazine will help skateboarders to stand out among their peers or to fit in with a particular clique. This is why Thrasher helps subscribers to find the latest gear and apparel that will help them to assimilate into the world of skateboarding.

Back packs, t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, socks, stickers, shorts, pants, bags, hats and tennis shoes are items that are commonly featured in Thrasher. Skateboarding paraphernalia can also be viewed in this magazine. Do not forget that the latest skateboards are presented in this magazine.


As mentioned,subscribers will learn about the latest moves and tricks with Thrasher. They will also discover where they can find the latest skate parks, learn about World Record breakers and about the musical bands and solo artists that popular with the skateboarding set.

Events and Skateboards

Thrasher knows that subscribers do not want to just read about skateboarding they also want to get involved. This is why contributors at the magazine provide you with events, popular skate parks and hangout spots for skaters all over the world. They list these events and places so that skaters will be able to live out their skating dreams after they read about them. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to grind by ordering a discount Thrasher magazine today!