Written For Owners Of Large Power And Sailing Yachts.

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Practice Elegance

There are a lot of magazines for sale that apply to each and every lifestyle in existence. Because of this, you can subscribe to magazines that fit your lifestyle to learn new things! If you enjoy cruising in yachts, then Yachting magazine is for you! There are articles about different kinds of boats, safety, gear, destinations, and other topics that go with the yachting lifestyle. If you subscribe to Yachting magazine, it will help you get the experience you want to have while cruising on your yacht!

Yachting and Systems

The latest yacht models and systems are in each and every article in this magazine, as well as different styles! These articles will also inform you on the types of boats you are considering to purchase, whether it is a long-range cruiser, a sport-fishing boat, or other kinds of yachts. With all of this information, you will be able to make the right purchases based on your individual needs. Once you buy the perfect yacht, you will be able to choose your destination, cruise away, and have a really great life experience.

Electronics and Gear

In addition to purchasing a yacht, you will also need electronics and gear to go along with it. There is information in Yachting magazine about the different gears necessary for your yachting trip to be as great as possible. Whether you are considering a purchase of new apparel, equipment to keep your family safe, or any other item for your boat, there is always information in every article! This magazine will even inform you on what to purchase in case of emergencies or other events that go along with yachting.


In this magazine, you will even learn about the lifestyle that comes along with yachting! The articles that relate to lifestyle include topics about safety, seamanship, and lifestyle. In addition to that, there are also safety tips and other articles about destination history and other people who cruise on yachts like yourself!


If you are a yachter, or are interested in the yachting lifestyle, then subscribe to Yachting magazine today!