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Stories Of Crime & Mystery. Chilling Stories By The Top Mystery Writers.

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Mystery Solved!

For all lovers of mystery stories there is now Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Every issue is packed full of exciting tales of mystery and each one is a brand new fictional work. Whether you love short stories or would prefer a longer novella, you can find both contained in the pages of this fascinating publication. Thrillers that are full of suspense and traditional who-dunnits are both found in this wonderful literary magazine. If you are a fan of mystery, take out discount magazine subscriptions to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine today!

Exciting Stories

You will really love the exciting tales that you will find in every issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. There is no better resource for finding stories from the latest upcoming mystery writers and each one featured in this publication will keep you glued to the page! The range and choice of stories means that you'll never get bored, combining classic style detective fiction, police cases, tales of suspense, courtroom dramas, spying stories and plenty more. Every reader will love this fabulous magazine.

Extra Features

As well as being packed with fascinating stories, each issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is full of brilliant extras. Read author interviews that give a deep insight into the creative mind, delve into classic mystery tales or enjoy book reviews that give suggestions for new and thrilling mystery books that you will love to purchase. That will insure that you are kept completely occupied until your next issue arrives!

Writing Competitions

If these great mystery stories inspire you to become creative and write your own, you can find plenty of information inside Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine about writing competitions where you can submit your own work. Budding authors are also encouraged to submit their own stories to the magazine editorial team so you might even find your own story of suspense inside the next edition!

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