The Official Magazine. Tells The Story Of Our Country, From Ancient Times Right Through To The Present Day.

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There is Power in Knowing Britain 

What if you could manage to travel to Britain twice a month? What if you had the opportunity to view all the interesting places in the United Kingdom from the comfort of your office or home? Britain Magazine is the official UK tourism magazine. The magazine is an outstanding read for anyone interested in tourism in the UK and the history surrounding these interesting places. There reason why this outstanding publishing is elevated to the level of a magazine and not just a travel guide. Unlike a travel guide, the audience gets knowledge on the geography, culture, shopping activities and the world heritage sites found in Britain. If I could use it as a gift, I would give it to anyone with an interest in tourism and history. As a reader, you not only benefit with knowledge about a tourist attraction in Britain, but you also get knowledge about this outstanding country with a rich history. 


The breathtaking scenery, a rich history and curiosity is the original impetus to the publishing of this magazine. The topics covered focus on some of these concepts. I am thinking that this story must have began like this; the home of some of the most revered kings and queens has breathtaking scenery. This inspires some of the writers to the extent that they are willing to share the information in form of a well presented article. Other writers thought that it would also be useful to offer a comprehensive history of some of these sceneries. So far, there are two major focuses. The other group of people are passionate in shopping and they joined these groups of writers to give readers a chance to shop. Probably the other writers thought “how can you write about castles without knowing the kings and queens?” and so the fourth topic about royals was born. 

Make Me Actually Travel to Britain

At this stage, you may be wondering how exactly some things would fall under anything interesting. Let me elaborate this for you by giving you a tiny sneak peek into the magazine. We all love gossip especially since it is just so juicy and nice. So in this magazine, you will always get facts which are written in an interesting manner about royals like Prince William. You will also read about the breathtaking places like the tour of Stratford. The best part is that you get to learn about culture. There is nothing better than learning all about the Windsor festival even without attending it in person. Take advantage of the discount magazine subscription that is available currently. 

You do not have to take a long plane ride to visit Britain to learn about it. Even if you live in Britain, you rarely get the chance to visit all the breathtaking sites and learn their history. So get your copy of Britain today.