Witty And Sidesplitting Satire, Poking Fun At Everything From Politics To Poplar Culture.
50 Idiotic Years & Still Attracts Legions Of Young Readers While A Favorite Of Highly-immature Adults.

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Sense and Humor Combined

Mad Magazine is not a magazine that you would have shown to a high school teacher or Police officer not unless you wanted a good telling off in any case. However if you have a sarcastic or cynical perspective of life then this could be exactly the kind of magazine, which you have been searching for.

The people behind Mad Magazine also have a cynical and satirical viewpoint of American society and everything within it. Every issue brings you the magazine's hilarious take on celebrities, culture, entertainment and politics.

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In terms of format if not content Mad Magazine is a comic, which is what it was marketed as when it was originally published in 1952. It's main author was Harvey Kurtzman, with cartons and drawings by him, Wally Wood, Will Elder, John Severin, as well as Jack Davis. It has been poking fun at just about everything ever since, with it's founders working on it for many years.

A Unique Take On Humor

When Mad Magazine started there was no other magazine with it's sense of humor, or it's entertaining style of satirical humor around. It is full of parodies and lampoons just about anything it can think of, yet never in a nasty way. The targets of it's well-thought out parodies alter from week to week, though it does have long-term targets like Archie and Superman.

Mad Magazine has poked fun at adverts, colleges, drug use, families, and celebrities over the decades, and seems to have an endless supply of funny and original parodies.


Seen as how each issue of this magazine jokes about most things you will find something to laugh at. The jokes are cleverly constructed and the quality of the writing is always excellent throughout.

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