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A Publication Serving Professional Hairdresses And Beauty Salon Owners.

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Authority in the Industry

American Salon Magazine is an authority in its field as it has been around the beauty industry for 138 years. Its main purpose is to inspire and educate with all the information coming straight from the respected names in the beauty business. Published monthly, it will stay you connected to a variety of engaging tips, stories, advices and news contents that focuses on men and women alike.

Beauty Care and Management

In today’s modern world, beauty is not only associated with pageants or fashion shows but has become a basic commodity like food, shelter and clothes. As you read through the articles, you will learn the art of hairstyling, skin and nail care straight from the salon experts themselves. A magazine intended for ordinary people who wants to look their best and celebrate beauty in its entirety. Most importantly, it is for professionals who desire to make a name in this fast paced industry.

Maintain your crown

Hair as they all say is the crowning glory of a person, thus it extremely important to be well educated in terms of our caring for our hairs. American Salon Magazine aids you on not just the proper care of your hair but gives you the latest information on edgy and trendy hair styles depending on the season and the occasion. It also puts on the top of the line products and tools to choose starting from shampoos, hair brush, conditioner, damage repair products and the like. When in doubt what to products to use, consult this magazine first.

Beautiful Connection

Discover more of the secrets in being beautiful. You will sure love every bit of the articles that will make you the most desirable man and woman in the universe. Plus, images of high quality photos to imitate and make it your own. Available in both print and online, be the first to grab this award winning magazine with its discounted subscription and always stay beautifully connected!