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For The Contemporary Bride-to-be Focusing On Current Trends In Fashion, Beauty, Home Design & Honeymoon Travel.

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A Bride's Best Friend

A subscription to Bridal Guide magazine is a must-have for the blushing bride-to -be, her bridal party, or anyone involved in or dreaming of planning the perfect wedding. One of many discount magazine subscriptions available, Bridal Guide, is a respected and reliable source of wedding related news, trends, and problem-solving. BG has an undisputed reputation for providing relevant and realistic wedding information to assist in planning, etiquette clarification, as well the details, details, details. Discount magazine subscriptions to Bridal Guide are more than magazine subscriptions; they are essential tools in perfecting your special day.

Planning, Planning, and More Planning

Most brides are overwhelmed with the amount of planning involved in getting married. The nervous joy of wedding day anticipation combined with a never-ending To Do list is enough to turn any bright-eyed, happy bride into "Bridezilla." Luckily, Bridal Guide magazine is here to help. Whether you are planning a traditionally formal wedding, a casual, playful wedding or anything in between, Bridal Guide can help plan, organize, and troubleshoot problems along the way. In need of the perfect dress? BG continually reserves a section specifically for the season's finest wedding dress fashions as well as classic, contemporary, and understated gowns to compliment your personal style. There are fitness strategies to keep you looking your best, relaxation techniques to help overcome "wedding stress," bridal party options and suggestions, checklists, real bride questions and answers plus a whole lot more. When it comes to planning, Bridal Guide is the solution.

The Do's and Don'ts

Wedding etiquette is the most common topic of confusion. Although most everything is adaptable, there is a specific etiquette to getting married. Thousands of books have been written precisely to help brides brush up on the subject, but who has time to read a book when they are planning a wedding? Bridal Guide understands. Charts, lists, and explanations of the most common wedding Do's and Don'ts are condensed into one section for easy reference.

Little Things That Mean so Much

With so much to plan and do, the little details can be left behind. BG has the organizing ideas and tools to give each detail, large or small, the attention it deserves. From the basics such as place settings, bridal party accessories, and honeymoon packing lists, down to booking a pet sitter, Bridal Guide has you covered.

Enjoy the fun and excitement of pre-wedding bliss without getting lost in planning and organizational issues. A subscription to Bridal Guide is the ultimate weapon in the battle against the stress and worry of wedding planning.