Penthouse Letters

***18 Years Or Older***
People Write About True Life Experiences And Fantasies.

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Everyone is Trying to Get on Top!

When you want that special thrill that only Penthouse will provide, remember that Penthouse Letters magazine is also out there and can give you a different angle on the same atmosphere. The combination of provocative pictorials and titillating real-life experiences recounted is a potent one, and sure to speak to you the way it speaks to the countless readers who have added it to their Discount Magazines subscriptions.

I Never Thought That It Would Happen To Me

The phrase has become iconic, but it and others very similar recur time after time, partly as your fellow Penthouse readers have a sense, now, after so many years of how a "Letter to Penthouse" should begin. But the sense of community it engenders, as more and more of the readership come forward with these stories, adds to the resonance of the letters themselves. It reminds us that at any time, happiness is just around the corner. And, accompanied by the photoshoots that also adorn the magazine, the ambiance the stories create is very real, and very powerful.

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