She wants to know what’s next and SHAPE gives her the tools to stay ahead of the curve. We motivate, not dictate and spark fresh thinking — from owning her personal style to nurturing her body and brain. With SHAPE, she will discover and participate in a well-lived life.
Provide Women With Immediate Useful Info For A Fit And Healthy Lifestyle.

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Fitness Move Forward!

A discounted subscription to Shape magazine is not only a smart idea if you're a health and fitness enthusiast, but it's also cost-effective. Shape is a useful guide to either starting a healthier life or maintaining your health over time. Shape has provided smart, simple, and creative solutions to maintaining optimal health since 1981 and has served as one of the most reputable and popular health and fitness magazines on the newsstand today.

Healthy Weight Tips

Shape magazine is proud to be a reputable information guide, filled with healthy weight loss techniques that will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals, as well as to remain healthy while doing so. Weight loss articles are written by authors with fitness and health expertise, such as specialty medical degrees from some of the most prestigious educational institutions, globally. These articles serve as guides to assist you with selecting a balanced diet while eating the appropriate foods to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body. Shape magazine also serves as an excellent encouragement source during your journey towards your ideal fitness-training routine. Shape provides you with encouraging success stories that illustrate the health journeys of other people with whom you may just identify. These stories provide inspiration to get through the hurdles ahead if you're struggling to achieve a healthy weight or to maintain it.

Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Shape magazine offers sound nutritional advice provided by reputable nutrition experts. Shape depicts how its readers can prepare healthy, tasty food to improve both bodily functions to achieve optimal health and to maintain a healthy weight. Shape brings you easy, healthy recipes that can be prepared for any occasion, whether it's a typical day or a special occasion, such as BBQs, birthday parties, weddings, and family gatherings. If you partake of this advice, you'll quickly begin to see the wonderful changes in your body and to your health. These recipes are not only nutritionally sound, but they originate from globally renowned chefs, who are often employed in elite establishments, such as 5-star hotels all over the globe.

Fitness & Exercise Tips

Shape magazine can assist you with valuable fitness and exercise tips to not only get you closer to an optimal healthy body, but to maintain your fitness levels once you have achieved the level of fitness and health you've been striving towards. A prime example of these excellent tips is a previous Shape article that highlights how to more easily and effectively take on a race-training routine by means of a specifically designed training program suited just for your benefit. The only facts you need to know to design this training program are details, such as, your race's distance, how long you have available to train, and your skill level. With this information coaches can design a suitable program to address your individual needs based on the information provided. This kind of training program allows you more assurance that you've had fitness exercises developed in an efficient and organized manner to get better results.

When you make the wise decision to subscribe to Shape magazine, you can keep up with the latest discoveries and trends in leading a healthy life and maintaining a healthy mind and body. Every effective tool gained in your fitness arsenal helps, and you won't regret your decision to subscribe to Shape!