Teen Titans

The Conclusion To "the Hunt For Raven" Has Arrived! The Quest Has Ended, But What Damage Has It Dealt To The Teen Titans?

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Teen Titans Go!

Thanks to their incarnations on Cartoon Networks series’, the Teen Titans has become a very popular DC Superhero team, second only to The Justice League, their adult counterparts. Functioning as a kind of Justice League Junior, the Titans struggle with the same problems facing all teenagers, as they also fight against super-powered teenagers and adults to protect the Earth, sometimes alongside such popular DC comics heroes as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.The team was originally led by Dick Grayson as Robin, formerly Batman’s sidekick. When Grayson grew up and left to protect Bludhaven as Nightwing, the role was taken over by Tim Drake, the third person to be Robin for Batman as Red Robin.

Trained by Batman as a master martial artist, detective and scientist, Red Robin is an invaluable addition to the Teen Titans. Accompanying him on his quest to protect his home planet are the rest of the Titans. Wonder Girl, a cousin of Wonder Woman, battles with gifts given to her by the Greek Gods, including speed, strength, and a magic lasso that enables her to channel Zeus’ lightning. Raven, a mysterious girl from another dimension, has the power to travel across dimensions, as well as telepathy, levitation, astral projection, telekinesis, and levitation.

Beast Boy as the ability to change his form into that of any animal in fantasy or reality. The newest member of the group, Bunker, has the ability to make constructs out of Psionic bricks to protect his fellow Titans, as well as innocent humans from harm, as well as to make pummeling fists to assist in battle and floating bricks to help the non-flying members of Titans get around more quickly.By subscribing to the Teen Titans at a discounted price, you will be able to follow the adventures of these remarkable teens as struggle both with being teenagers in a difficult modern world, as well as protecting the innocents of Earth from massive threats.