World Of Sudoku

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The World of Sudoku is a fun, challenging magazine that publishes twice a month. It's filled with 178 pages of brain-teasing puzzles for you to solve. Whether you are a new Sudoku puzzler or you have been enjoying Sudoku for years, you'll love the engaging cascade of puzzles in this magazine. Order your subscription today!

The Perfect Boredom Breaker

This little World Of Sudoku booklet is small enough to fit into your purse. Take it with you on the subway, at the doctor or dentist's office, or on vacation. Take it out when you're waiting in line, or you have an hour or two with nothing at all to do. The intriguing puzzles will keep your mind busy and provide you with hours of fun-filled entertainment. It's perfect for relaxing before you go to bed.

Test Your Wits With Sudoku

Number puzzles are a great way to keep your mind activated. They can help you keep your brain charged up and combat forgetfulness. Challenge your mind a little bit every day with a new puzzle in the World of Sudoku magazine. Each puzzle builds up to the next one, and there are increasing levels of difficulty, so there are plenty of opportunities to stimulate your brain. Once you pick up this book, you won't want to put it back down again!

You Don't Have To Be A Math Genius

World of Sudoku is an exciting adventure of puzzles, even if you're not a math whiz. It starts with the most basic puzzles for beginners, and before you know it, you'll be learning how to move up the levels of difficulty, until you can call yourself an expert! Solving each puzzle will give you a surprising feeling of accomplishment, and you'll want to test yourself to see how far you can go. The solutions to the puzzles are always printed at the back of the book, in case you need help to get you going again.

Order your discounted 12-month subscription to World of Sudoku magazine today for a full year of enticing puzzles to solve!