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The Charm Of New England Expressed In A Magazine

When selecting your yearly magazine subscriptions, Yankee is a great option to consider if you live in New England, wish you lived in New England, or simply have a genuine appreciation for New England culture. Yankee magazine features articles written by authors who possess a keen understanding and awareness of the way of life that has been cherished, preserved, and passed down through the years to generations of New Englanders. For many decades, Yankee magazine has been a leading voice in sending a warm and welcoming tone of hospitality to those who either wish to travel to New England to enjoy its unique charm, or who simply want to learn more about the history, culture, and diverse range of community experiences the region has to offer. 

Discover New England Culture At Its Finest

Each issue of Yankee brings the warmth and charm of New England culture to its readers. Contained in its pages is a wealth of information about a broad range of New England related topics, including: must-see travel destinations, the natural beauty of the region, fine dining and lodging options, favorite classic New England recipes,traditional New England art and architecture,exciting annual festivals and events in each of the six New England states, and information about merchandise locally crafted and sold throughout the region. It also includes feature articles highlighting traditional New England living through the lives and stories of local residents in a diversity of locations, ranging from small, rural towns and villages to large metropolitan areas such as Boston. Finally, New England based business advertisements in Yankee provide helpful information related to tourism and travel packages, and goods and services available to visitors in various New England communities.

Enjoy An Affordable Subscription 

Yankee is one of numerous discount magazine subscriptions that are available to you today. Enjoy all of the wonder, beauty, and cultural charm that New England has to offer with a subscription to Yankee magazine. Subscribe today, and bring New England into your home!