Zoo Books

For Kids Aged 6-12, Each Issue Captures 60 Different Animals Through Magnificent Photography, Illustrations And Descriptions, Including Interactive Activity Pages

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When Learning and Having Fun Connive

Who loves the Zoo? Your kids do! Zoobooks is an educational magazine that is specifically designed for children between six and twelve years of age. The is the ideal magazine for your child, if they have displayed an interest in the wildlife or the outdoors. You can also use the magazine to create or develop this type of interest in your child. In each issue a specific animal is featured, with facts about its life cycle, anatomy and habitat discussed. Learning about different animals and the fun interactive activity section in all issues, will help your child to develop a love and desire to get more information. With discount magazine subscriptions to Zoobooks, we will bring the zoo to your child!

As Much Variety as a Zoo

Learning about animals is something that children enjoy because of their love of animals. Each Zoobooks magazine focuses on a new animal, so your child will look forward to the receipt of a new magazine each month. Either a different animal, bird, insect or reptile will be featured in each issue. With beautiful illustrations and photographs, children of any age will be intrigued and curious to learn more about the world they live in.

As Factual as it is Fun

All the facts in each issue are reviewed, by wildlife experts from zoos and other members of the scientific community to ensure accuracy. The objective of the magazine is to expand the knowledge of children, about the world around them and also to develop their education and interests. Your child will learn something new in every issue and will enjoy looking at the various diagrams of the anatomies of different animals. They will also learn about their particular life cycles and habitats.

Activities for the Active

Since the time spent by most children reading is not usually very long, the interactive section is included in each issue to hold their attention. Each Zoobooks issue contains word searches, puzzle pictures, secret codes and much more, which your child will thoroughly enjoy. A poster of the featured animal for each issue is also included in each magazine.

Your child will love Zoobooks, if they love the zoo and wildlife, so get your discount subscription now!